An “inherently safe” NPP based on plant simplification, aimed at highest reliability, with a rated power of 600 MWth (in cooperation with the University of Rome “Sapienza”)

Safety-related Principles

  • a real in-depth defense against radiological hazard for personnel and population
  • capability of the plant to manage any kind of accident, including severe accidents
  • reliance on physical laws not only to detect safety requirements, but also to perform the safety action itself, which means extensive utilization of “inherent” and “passive” safety features
  • insensibility” of plant safety to human errors and faulty actions
  • extremely low doses to personnel
  • extremely limited production of nuclear wastes


Water filled Pressurized Containment (no LOCA)


Reactor building section and plan

Easy and cheap construction, repair, decommissioning


Steam generator disassembling


Removal of minor components (heat exchangers and pumps) and reactor building with only support and working structures


Biological shield disassembling and reactor building without internal metallic structures